Sunday, May 27, 2012

Help! I'm Not Happy With My Height - Banish These Feelings And Increase Your Height Now!

When some people reach adulthood they are not satisfied with their current height. There are even some who are so disgusted with being short that they go to extreme measures and swallow all kinds of pills hoping to increase their height. Some even take human growth hormone injections and hope this will solve the problem of being short.
The question is "with all these ways of growing taller which one is the best?" The next question might be, "is it really possible to increase your height if you have already stopped growing?" The answer is yes it's possible to increase your height even if you haven't grown in years, and yes there are certain things you could do that have help many people all over the world add a few more inches to their overall height!
There are four main things we will look at in this article that play a big part in helping anyone grow taller. The four things are good posture, good sleep, eating foods that promotes growth, and doing certain exercises. By doing these four things on a regular basis anyone could increase their height, no matter how old they are!
Isn't that good news to hear! You don't have to go through life felling bad and insecure about your height. All you have to do is make a decision to do something about it today!
Posture - It's possible to lose a couple of inches of height over time by having bad posture. If you don't think this is true look at someone who has a hunched back or a pot belly, these people have bad posture.
When you walk keep your head straight and chin up. Walk with your stomach in and back straight and try to keep your chest out. This will help you to have good posture, which is one of the keys to increasing your height.
Eating right - Getting the right foods in the system is super important if you want to grow taller. Without the right nutrients in the system you will fail to increase your height. You must eat foods high in protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. By eating chicken, red meats, dark leafy greens, sardines, and dairy products, you will be on a good start when it comes to diet. Vegans and vegetarians could use soy meat and soy products as it will work just the same.
Exercise - The best exercises to do are stretching exercises. These type of exercises helps stretch the spine and decompress the entire body. By doing the proper stretching your muscle, joints, and spine, will decompress causing you to grow.
Proper rest - I said PROPER REST. There is a huge difference between rest and proper rest. Going to bed anytime before 12am is getting the best sleep possible and causes the body to release human growth hormone into the brain. Try to get to bed at 10pm and no later than 11:30pm, this is the rest that promotes growth.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoulder Pain Resulting From Injury

Since the shoulder is comprised of ligaments, muscles, bones, tendons and nerves, receiving trauma to this area can severely limit the structure and working order of the shoulder. Injuries to the shoulder can include everything from soft tissue damage to a complete joint break and destruction of the joint itself. That's why it is important that you see a doctor anytime you injure your shoulder, no matter how minor you might believe the extent of the injury to be.
The most common problem relating to injuring the shoulder is that an individual will often dismiss the pain believing that it will go away on its own. They will believe that the soreness they are experiencing for the next few days is typical of hurting the shoulder. Some of this denial may be that they simply do not want to believe that they have incurred damage to the area.
Now, time becomes the problem. Depending on the type of injury, the longer you postpone treatment, the more damage you can cause. In some cases, temporary damage can become permanent if treatment is postponed too long That's why it is imperative to see a pain specialist as soon as you are injured.
Common Sources of Shoulder Injuries
The most common types of injuries to the shoulder are sports-related. Sports that involve throwing a ball can especially lead to damage or early deterioration of the shoulder joint. But injuries of other types can also occur. Falls, injuries on the job, other types of sports such as gymnastics and automobile and motorcycle accidents can jeopardize the shoulder.
Types of Shoulder Injuries
Soft tissue injuries. These include tears to the softer material contained within the shoulder, such as tendons, ligaments and muscles. Rotator cuff tears are one of the most common of this type.
Dislocations are, as the name implies, a separation of the joint. Although this type of injury might sound somewhat minimal in nature, anyone who has ever experienced a shoulder separation will tell you that the separation is painful, but repositioning the joint can be excruciating.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Importance of Online Doctors

In today's speedy world, everyone has a busy and fast paced lifestyle. People want everything at their fingertips and done at the click of a button. Why not a consultation with an online doctor? Online consultation with a doctor provides patients with a facility for health information exchange without seeing or visiting a doctor personally in his/her clinic. Though online consultation is not a complete alternative for personal medical treatment, but it does give several advantages to the patient over visiting the doctor's clinic.
Nowadays, people have wide awareness about their personal health conditions and they need more education and counseling on the subject of their particular medical issues. Normally, a person has to dedicate considerable amount of time in giving a personal visit to doctor's clinic. An online consultation with doctor usually overcomes all the boundaries and at the same time it provides most useful specialty information, which normally a person is trying to seek with ease and at their own comfort, without any need for waiting in consultation room to have a meeting with the doctor.
At this point in time there are many websites and variety of health care companies which are offering online doctor services to their customers at low or absolutely no costs. Wide range of specialty doctors are employed with these websites, who have significant years of experience and status in their respective fields. These websites work with an intention to provide best affordable, reliable and expert medical advice to the patients sitting at distant areas.
Salient features of online consultations:
All kind of specialty doctors are available 24 x 7 for providing solutions to patients' and also promise to provide a solution within 24 hours time and also to deal with special cases.
If the online consultation is a paid service, the amount taken from the patient is returned back if the patient is not satisfied with the consultation by doctors.
Online consultation can also be a free of cost facility especially if it's a follow up query.
Mode of communication could be through a forum platform or via email or if required can be through video chat.
All conversations are strictly confidential and are not misused, they are completely safe.
Consultation with an online doctor can be faster as compared to their clinical consultation. Also the patient who is seeking an advice through online consultation don't have to face the hassles of doctor's clinic, like waiting for a long time etc.
Online consultation overcomes geographic boundaries so the patient in rural area can also have an opportunity for good health care option. It gives better availability of medical facilities such as information on illness, counseling, and awareness about illness, preventive measures etc.
Online consultation is very cost effective as the consultation provided online is very less expensive as compared to the proper doctor's visit.
Travelling is not required for online medical consultation, so it saves time and also the hectic travel. Eventually this saves significant amount of time and money on doctor's visit.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Various Chiropractic Treatments For Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is also known as muscle wasting. It is when the mass of the muscle decreases due to several factors. Chiropractic care deals with nerve, muscle and bone disorders. It does not use any form of pharmaceutical medicine and invasive surgical procedures in treating physical and physiological disorders. Chiropractors in restoring and preserving health and body functions use conventional treatments.
Signs and symptoms of muscle atrophy may include pain, muscle weakness, restricted movements, and decrease muscle tone. Symptoms usually appear depending on the location where the problem occurs. For instance, if the atrophy is on the face, then there is facial weakness, decrease facial expression, speak difficulties, and difficulty swallowing. If the atrophy occurs in the extremities, then there will be weakness of the extremities and limited range of motion and movement.
There are many causes of muscle atrophy. These causes may consist of lack of exercise or movement of the affected body part, muscle injury or accident, diseases such as arthritis, alcohol associated myopathy, long-term use of corticosteroid, burns, congenital disorders, and spinal cord injury. Chiropractors base their therapeutic program on the location of the affected part.
Spinal manipulation is the most common method used by chiropractors in treating spinal misalignment or deformity. Muscle stiffness causes abnormal curvature of the spine by pulling the vertebrae. Chiropractors perform spinal manipulation through applying several mild and soft thrusts onto the spinal area. This is done in successive sessions with a chiropractor until the structure of the spinal column is reestablished.
Massage therapy is another chiropractic treatment used to treat muscle wasting. It helps to disentangle any twisted or distorted muscle fibers. Furthermore, it helps to relax the muscles to prevent continuous involuntary muscle contraction. Another method that chiropractors use is the dry needling therapy. Trigger points where the muscle or tissue is damaged cause pain. To relieve pain, these muscles and tissues are treated by inserting fine needles through the skin into the affected muscle or tissue.
Exercise is a very important chiropractic method of treating muscle atrophy. Exercise enhances muscle strength and joint mobility. With proper exercise and stretching technique, spasm and strain of muscles, ligaments and tendons are prevented. It also increases blood circulation needed for healing because blood carries nutrients and minerals needed for the muscle to heal.
Application of hot and cold is also necessary in treating muscle wasting. Cold compact reduces swelling and inflammation by inhibiting cell fluid from escaping. On the other hand, hot compress is applied to increase blood flow to the affected area essential for healing. Chiropractors also use electrotherapy to treat atrophy. It is done by applying controlled and small amount of electricity to inhibit involuntary muscle contraction and prevent muscle spasm that causes atrophy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chiropractic And Short Leg Syndrome

A short leg syndrome, or limb leg discrepancy, is characterized with one leg shorter than the other leg, which is commonly seen in children than adult. It is categorized into two types: structural and functional. Structural type is described having a shorter leg primarily due to hip disorder or anatomical hip abnormality, decrease knee joint space, or a history of fracture or injury. On the other hand, the functional type does not contain an unequal leg length. This second type has the same leg length, but one leg appears shorter than the other one. This is believed to be under a biochemical cause.
A syndrome is a collection of symptoms. These symptoms include short leg, pain on the hips and knees discomforts, nerve swelling on the lumbar area and sciatic nerve, pain on the ankles and foot, and poor balance when in standing position or while running or walking. If this condition is left untreated, then complications may occur like weakness or paralysis of the lower extremities.
Chiropractic care is considered as one of the most effective alternative healthcare systems in handling and treating short leg syndrome. People are seeking other methods of treatment aside from taking pain reliever medications and surgery. It is known that most pain killer drugs have side effects that may be harmful to the human body. Chiropractic is known to treat different nerve, muscle, bone and joint problems and disorders.
Spinal manipulation is the most customary method of treatment that chiropractors use. It is done by delivering several gentle thrusts on the spinal column. Its main objective is to bring the spine back to its standard anatomical position and structure. Chiropractors believe that nerve compression is the primary cause of physical discomfort and pain. Therefore, to alleviate pain, the nerves must be decompressed.
In treating short leg syndrome using chiropractic care, chiropractors perform different kinds of treatments without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or invasive procedures. Prior to any procedure or treatment to be given to the patient, a diagnosis is needed. Diagnosis can be obtained from medical history, physical assessment, and laboratory tests. Once a diagnosis has been verified, the chiropractor designs the most appropriate chiropractic therapy program for the patient.
Chiropractors also teach their patients about home exercise and home care treatments. These are very important for the patient to follow to obtain the best result. Chiropractors emphasize to their patients the advantages of maintaining a good posture, exercise, maintaining normal body weight, and proper lifting techniques. These health teachings are essential to prevent the recurrence of the disorder and pain. Compliance of the patient is one of the most important things to consider. This is primarily because no matter if the best therapy program is provided to the patient, without the cooperation of the patient, then success is unachievable.
Short leg syndrome is manageable through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care aims to restore physical functioning without difficulties and preserve human health as much as possible. Chiropractors believe that the body can heal on its own if all body parts are functioning properly. Therefore, any deformity or misalignment must be treated as soon as possible. Remember, prevention is still the best treatment and cure.